Mist Video Thumbnailer

Mist Video Thumbnailer replaces thumbnail picture with video.

NOTE: This technology is still EXPERIMENTAL. We recommend that you try with Google Chrome on PC/Mac/Android or Safari on iOS.

When we play back a large number of videos simultaneously with current technologies, overhead of each playback process piles up and causes stop or stutter lag. Our technology removes the overhead and realizes smoothness.

Our technology consists of the followings:

  • (1) The server side pre-combines many videos to one binary; and
  • (2) The client side plays back the combined video binary and places each video tile to specified HTML elements

On this demo, the pre-combined video binary includes (1) 16 videos (4 seconds, 4x4 tiles, 1.1MB in total) on mobile and (2) 48 videos (4 seconds, 8x6 tiles, 3.2MB in total) on PC/Mac.

HTML code of this page shows that installation of the video thumbnailer is very simple.

Please see our Video Thumbnailer